1981 Buick Park Avenue Wehn furst colum issues

So I removed the lock plat in my 1981 buick park avenue. Wen trying to put it back together I cant becose the furst foot of the colome comes out . Also its not a ring clamp that holds the lock plate down its a c shape metole peace that gose into two slots on each side of the colome.

Coud anyone help

OP, suggest to repost your query using an internet-connected computer & keyboard rather than your phone.

Probably not with that poorly written post .

You need a lock plate removal/installation tool.


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Oh was that what he was talking about? I’ve been there a number of times. The tool is the easy way, but when I took the training wheels off the kids bike I saved the brackets. The one end is bent just enough to lever the plate down to get the clip back one. Didn’t say it was easy but works. Same tool works for removing door panels.