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1980s: Audi Quattro. Do you remember the MSRP? Was it crazy expensive?

As a teen, sometime in the 1980s, I remember thinking the Audi Quattro was an absurdly high priced car.
For reference, I do recall a 1984 Eldorado was about $25,000 (And Eldorado was a luxury car that was NOT cheap)
Anyone have any idea what Audi Quattro’s were selling for in the 1980s? And if they were considered expensive…

The original Quattro (the ‘Ur’ Quattro) which was a street version of the high-performance ralley-winner. That one WAS crazy expensive, $35,000 or so in the early '80s. The ‘Sport Quattro’ was about DOUBLE that!
Less than 1000 total were sold in the US, all years.

The Group B Audi Quattro S1 auto cross cars of the 1980’s totally dominated the field. So much, in fact, they disestablished the Group B class. Similar to the Can Am Porsche 917 Group 30 cars were the fastest to ever race a paved course – and this was way back in the 1980’s.