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1980 Mercedes 240D vs. SNOW


I am itching to get up to Tahoe from the SF Bay Area for some fun in the snow, but I’m not sure my 1980 240D Mercedes can handle the snow and cold. I know chains area a must and snow tires are a good idea.

My biggest concern though is whether the old bird will start the morning after a cold night. I hear rumors of special heating glow plugs and a gel for the fuel tank. What do I need to do to make this old diesel snow ready?



Usually they add the proper mixture into fuel to prevent it from gelling in the winter. If you are worried leave half a tank before you leave and fillup when you get to the colder area.

Your car already has glow plugs(for cold starts). The question is do they work properly. I would simply drive up and find out. The sun works wonders in the afternoon if you cannot start in really cold weather.