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1980 Dodge Mirada It has been setting for about 15 years

I have a 1980 Dodge Mirada It has been setting for about 15 years It runs good when it runs sometimes after you let it sit for a day or two it won’t start especially after it rains and after it sits for a week or two it will start and run has plenty of power. How do I Fix it

Replace the 15 year old distributor cap, the rotor, and the plug wires. These parts are affected by moisture and the current to produce the spark arcs to ground and never makes it to the spark plug. Old plugs with corrosion at the base do the same thing, so new plugs isn’t a bad move either.


I’d also replace the belts and hoses if they haven’t been done. Change the coolant, oil, power steering and brake fluid if it hasn’t been done. Change all filters. Inspect all the rubber vacuum hoses under the hood, and the rubber brake lines and rubber fuel lines if it has any.

TIRES! Your tires are more than 15 years old, and they are deteriorated and hardened and the don’t grip the road. In addition, they are prone to blowout. It’s your life that’s at stake, driving on those tires; it’s also my life and everyone around you. Get new tires, please.