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1978 Volkswagen Van - Brake disc chatter help request

I am restoring a 1978 vw westfalia that is a work in progress over the last 3 years. One persistent issue is front disc brake chatter. The entire front end has been replaced including new discs and calipers with no improvement. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What brand brake pads? Have you lubed the sliders?

EMPI disc brakes including pads. I did lube sliders but can do that again

Have you posted this on thesamba and vwvortex?

Have you checked the front wheel bearing adjustments?


Try replacing all the rubber brake lines for the front brakes. Also measure the disc run-out. Even if the discs are ok the hub or bearing could still be problematic.

Aren’t the rotors and hub the same thing on this van . . . ? :confused:

My vote is for checking the wheel bearing adjustment. It can be touchy on these.

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