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1978 toyota corolla

All lights and wipers just stopped working on my 78 corolla. Replaced fuses did not work. Where do I go from here? I am an absolute novice but want to figure this out.

The next thing to check for is a burnt fusible link. A fusible link is a section of wire that serves the same purpose as a fuse. So look for a burnt section of wire up by the battery or down by the starter.


Check that the spring in the ignition switch isn’t worm out. Sometimes they don’t return far enough from the start position to the run position to make contact with the accessory terminal. Turn it back slightly by hand and see if that does it.

I would agree that something is not making contact and to check the wiring. But on another note, from one Corolla owner ('99) to another, how have you gotten your car to last so long? I Googled the '78 Corolla, that’s a sharp car!

My guess would be the multi-function switch for the lights and wipers on the steering column. It’s one thing both systems have in common. And that’s what it was on my old 76 corolla

Turned out to be wiring in the steering column. We have two bodies not great but run great. One was bought about two years ago from original owner, other bought in Montana about 4 years ago.

I too would be interested in hearing more about the car. My first Toyota was a '76 Corolla, bought new, and I still have extremely fond memories of it. It just kept running and running, flawlessly. The only reason I eventually traded it was because my son was born, and it’s impossible to get a baby in and out of the back seat of a '76 Corolla coupe!