1978 Mercedes? OK?

I missed this reply with my first response. I must have been writing at teh same time you were posting.

Now knowing this new information, I’d ask what kind of car you LIKE! Personally, a ragtop like an MGB,A,TD,orTC or a Spitfire, TR3, TR4, TR6, Bugeye Sprite, Fiat 124 Spyder, or even a 356 or 912 Porsche would make me smile widely. Or perhaps an old style hot rod in the Model T bodied tradition.

Biking is great. I’m a former cyclist (mountainbiking mostly) and my son races with a team out of Southern California now.

Aw, Thank you so much! All very good advice!

I’m not sure what my so called “budget” will be until I move into my new place, but it has no mortgage! So, how much can my expenses be?

I am not flashy , nor a man, LOL < so, I don’t think I need any vintage (Do they make those?) hot rods or porche brand names. No, I just want something with fins or wings or something with ? lights? on the front? LOL I guess all of them have that? ? sighs. yeah, I don’t really know. I’m an opportunist. Trucks could be useful too!

I am pretty sure the neighbor guy was truthful about the vehicle, as I saw him do much of the work, … anyway, It is sold now, … to someone else. I guess that person has five of these vehicles, so, it found a good home!

PS. I do not need a daily driving car,… no, just once a week or once a month, whatever you guys recommend, . or even less, if that is what you prefer? It’s for the summer festivals. But, I was rather also hoping to buy groceries with it…