What does it cost to rebuild a motor on a vintage auto?

I’d love to purchase a car from 1950 to 1964? I’m just guessing on the years, … something “pretty”… Price range, anything from functioning perfect $10,000 to the project car… as long as I can get a mechanic to do the “project” for me to get it to function.

So, I was just curious, worst case scenerio, what does it cost to rebuild a motor? or a transmission? or ??? what other giant expenses may occur?

Please. sell me your car too… maybe more like next summer. I might need to research this a bit. I’d only drive it for fun in the summer once per month??? or something? not to drive everyday or in winter…

Thanks! : )

I highly doubt you’ll find a functioning perfect classic car for $10,000. Just browse Craigslist for classic cars and get an idea what it costs for running or non-running classic car.

Usually when someone purchases a classic car project, and it requires extensive repair be it to the engine or transmission, they’re the ones that are going to do a majority of the repair. Not hire it out for repair as this can get very expensive depending on what the repair entails.

Sorry to burst your bubble but, a classic car purchase, restore, or repair can be a very expensive hobby if you do none of the work yourself.


In virtually all cases, you can buy your dream car ready to go MUCH cheaper than you can build one yourself. Rebuilding the engine is the cheap part…It’s restoring the body and interior that costs the Big Bucks…

When you figure out what you really want, come back and we can talk more…

You will save lots of money by buying a car in good driving condition. Do not buy a ‘project’ car if you will depend on others to do the work. Folks who do the work themselves seldome break even, with free labor. And think about the years you want. Going back to 1950 includes cars with 6 volt systems and flathead engines. You’d be better off looking at 1955 and later, much more modern.

Finallay, choose a car you love. What do you think would be a perfect match for you?

Most of those flathead engines and six volt systems ran just fine and there were overheat Chevys and Buicks going back to the early 30s. Buy a car that runs well and has a body good enough to suit you. Paying someone to put iy right costs megabucks.

I bet NightGirl would look good in a '61 Ford Starliner with a 390/4-speed set-up…Black of course, with a red interior…

It’s just a matter of money…

Pretty is a relative term. I like the '49~'50 Mercury “Leadsled” and '67 Mustang(GT-500 actually, but the overall design for that year looks great).
One thing for sure though, is that pretty will describe 1 very important part of the restoration process, and that is pretty expensive

For 10 grand you should be able to find a decent old something or the other. Don’t aspire to a Chevelle SS454, Shelby, or Six-Pack 'Cuda though.

With the money in hand and some footwork you may be able to find a 63 Impala, mid/late 60s Mustang, etc. and you’re well advised to not buy a project car; get one that is together and running. It’s far cheaper.

Chevrolet engines/transmissions are about the least expensive to repair so that should be kept in mind.
The one thing that is most critical in my opinion is that you must make sure that the car is not being eaten up with rust. You can work your way around mechanical problems but even a mild amount of rust can be a very expensive nightmare.

One thing that’ll get you a better car is to buy a 4-door sedan, instead of a 2-door or a convertible. 4-doors are usually not nearly as popular, meaning they’re cheaper for a car of the same quality.

I’d love to purchase…1950 to 1964…functioning perfect $10,000

It’s probably time to put down that b@ng…

Load up the Bong!