1978 Chevrolet Pickup ATF fluid

I have a 1978 Chevy Custom Deluxe 10. I have been using Dex/Merc. That fluid is almost gone. Is it okay to go ahead and add Valvoline Max Life ATF instead?

Yup, that ATF is backwards compatible for the fluid in your truck and the fluid you were using.

Hey, Mustangman,
Thank you for your answer to my question about Valvoline Max Life. Since there are asterisks next to the Dex/Merc on the jug of Max Life, I thought maybe that meant you weren’t supposed to use it in older vehicles–but it doesn’t say that and I couldn’t find it on their website. So, you’re saying I could just start using the Max Life without doing anything with the transmission first?

Thank you for responding.

Lubricants sold today are superior to those 30 years ago, Maxlife can be used to replace Dextron II, III and IV. Here is a Valvoline list of what Maxlife replaces;


Thank you for the information!