1977 MG Midget

I have a 1977 MG Midget. Besides the normal things that are wrong with it, I seem to have several reoccurring problems…

1-My turn signal/horn doesn’t work more then it works,

2-My emergency brake…I think I have had 6 in the past 16 years and they usually only work for about a year after they have been put in…

Well, those are the most annoying ones, as you know it is a car of love not one of practicality. I bought it in 1995 as my first car and my Dad got his a few months later (this is his second MG). I love this car and plan to keep it ‘running’ for my daughter (she is 2) to drive.

Why is this make and model not on your list?

Have you found the MG forums on the net? They have a rabid, I mean enthusiastic, following! As for your problems, have you gone over all connections, looking for loose or corroded one? And (knowing nothing about Midget emergency brakes) what do you mean you have put in 6? Is it a separate unit?

Finally, have you bought the appropriate manuals and guides? I imagine there are several.

The Lucas fuse boxes were once notorious for their intermittent failures. If the fuses are removed and the slots cleaned and pinched to renew their grip on the fuses the continuity can be somewhat reliably re-established. Of course, there are other locations for failure.

I have had 6 different bake lines put in the car. I am think the problem might be the parts being used might be the wrong year. I am currently trying to be a bit more hands on with this car vs in the past going to a shop. Knowing the Car Talk guys are MG fans I figured I would start here.

I love these toys. I wish I could still fit into them.

Exactly what has been the mode of failure of the brake lines? Exactly how have they failed?

Tom and Ray don’t answer questions here.

By ‘brake line’ (for the emergency brake, I assume) do you mean a cable?

If those are the only problems you are having with a Midget, I’m envious. That’s a car I plan to add to my growing stable some day, and I know it’s going to be one of the biggest headaches when I do. British cars, especially from that era, are not exactly renowned for their stellar reliability.

Your first problem is not at all surprising. Lucas supplied the electronics for Midgets. There’s a reason Lucas is called the Prince of Darkness. The old joke goes that the British drink warm beer because Lucas makes the refrigerators.

Enjoy your Midget. They’re incredibly fun cars, even when they’re not running right, which is usually :wink:

We shared a duplex years ago where the husband of the other couple sold cars for a foreign car dealer. He was in the National Guard and had guard duty once a month. He would come over with the keys to his demonstator–an MG Midget and asked me to be sure that the MG got exercised. I had no problems helping him out.

You need more smoke!