1976 Dodge D200 Pickup Truck 308 V8 Engine Auto Trans

Can’t get the starter to turn over, even with me banging on it from underneath and the Mrs. turning over the ignition with the key (at the same time). This faithful vintage truck needs other work and inspection deadline is only a week away. Help save us towing costs! Thanks.

Try putting the transmission in neutral and then try starting the engine. If it starts, there’s an issue with the park/neutral safety switch.


If you are getting no sound whatsoever from the starter (except from your banging on it!), Tester’s advice is the place to start. Post back with your results.

BTW, it’s a 318.

Hi Guys!
I took your advice and attempted to start the truck in neutral. All I got was the same “tick-tick-tick” sound of the starter, with no turnover.

Have you checked the condition of the battery and the battery connections?