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1976 Chevrolet Cavalier Driving with my sister

O.K. guys I have one for you.It’s about your last article in the sat buffalo news 4/25 about fog.This is also about fog.If you say the color of lights won’t help with fog unless where they are pointed.How about speed? Traveling to Michigan through Canada on the Q.E.W. with my sister one night years ago. We encountered some pea soup fog.And as we entered it I noticed the car accelerateing and I looked over and noticed my sisters speedometer riseing! So I inquired what she was doing.And she said this way we get through it faster! What say you guys?

I say don’t ride with your sister.


Sounds like an easy way to visit the local emergency room


There were no Chevy Cavaliers in 1976…


Many years ago, I knew somebody who would speed-up as soon as he saw Deer Crossing signs.
His explanation was identical to your sister’s explanation, and I never rode in his car again after observing that type of “reasoning” and behavior.


Death wish in a car that does not exist IMO.

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The car might have been a Chevette. Those were around in 1976. Or just mentally substitute “Chevrolet compact” and enjoy the story.