1976 BMW 2 Series - Need to find a specialist

We need someone who is familiar with the vintage BMW 2002’s. We have several cars that all need just a little bit of work on them. These would be the 2 series that not listed.

You need these things 1 . A local Classic repair shop near you where ever that is 2. An actual BMW Forum ( there are hundreds of them ) 3. Your local BMW dealer can probably do most of what you need 4. Maybe even a local independent shop can do the work as the big problem is getting parts for this 18 year old vehicle.

Have you put ( BMW repair near me in Google ) ?

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Thanks for your advice. I’ll keep googling!

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BMW is very good at supporting their older models. A few years ago the factory restored a 2002 in a glass walled garage so people could watch. 90 percent of the parts were still available from BMW.

The BMW Car Club of America is a great source of information. Membership is worth it for the magazine alone.

Thanks! I’ll look into the club, hadn’t thought of that!