1975 olds cutlass surpreme

OK, me and my brother are having an argument about a 1975 olds cutlass surpreme that I owned many years ago. it was a 2 door vinyl top that had no lines in the door panels and no molding. He says it had lines in the doors at the bottom like so many photos show. I cannot find a photo anywhere that describes what mine looked like. Can anyone help me?

Lines? What do you mean by lines?

I had a 74 but can’t figure out what you are talking about. Are you talking about the interior door panel appearance? The exterior door sheet metal? Formed lines in the sheet metal, chrome, etc?

Are you talking about the ‘bulge’ that runs from the lower rear section of the front fender and continues into the lower to middle of the door?

It runs from the front bumper to the rear bumper.

There is also a similar ‘bulge’ behind the door to the front of the rear wheel well, also at the rear of the rear fender and at the lower front of the front fender as well.

I don’t think ‘bulge’ is the correct terminology for the design.

I don’t have a scanner so I can’t print this pix I’m looking at of a 1975 Hurst/Olds.

It claims to be a $1095 conversion of that years’ $4035 Cutlass Supreme coupe.

Bing, you mentioned what I spoke about…‘Formed lines in the sheet metal’.

Is it possible that you had a '76? They lost that weird bulge in '76.

Sounds like memory has fuzzed the details a bit.
Here’s a 76.

Here’s a 75.

Yep, the 75 is the same as my 74 was. The bulges are essentially extensions of the front fender and then the rear quarter. The problem was it got sandblasted so bad you couldn’t keep paint on them. In about 200 miles on a new car the paint was gone.

yes thats what I’m talking about…the bulge you make mention of. The closet picture I can find is the Hurst/ olds. It was indeed a 1975 and not a 76. It looks alot like a 1974 except for the grill. It is not a 76 as the grill did not come over the top of the hood. I swear that is car excisted like I say. Would there have been changes mid year in 75? I will keep looking until I can find proof. I think I may have video footage of this car somewhere. It may take me a while to find it.
PS when you look at the photo that ok4450 sent of the 75 cutlass…it is totally different than the one I had…even the back tailights are different. But I know for sure it was listed as a 1975 Cutless Surpreme and had no bulging lines on the doors or rear wheel well. Thanks everybody for your comments