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1975 key stuck in ignition

A-1975 Sierra Grande 35,1ton Truck, has a key stuck to its ignition… How can I free the key, without braking the key in to two pieces and without damaging the ignition?

Last week the key was working well, how come the key got stuck?

Is it stuck in such a way that you can still turn the key? Does it go to all the positions?

If you can still move the key, or if it happens to be jammed in the “run” position, it should be pretty easy to remove the lock cylinder, at which point you should be able to free the key and figure out if the problem is with your key or the cylinder.

Is it all the way off? Also, there should be an interlock to keep the key from turning all the way off if the shifter is in gear. Maybe it is malfunction of the gear shifter. Wiggle it and see if it comes loose.

If it is not locked in there by the gear shift, I would suggest calling a lock smith. If you can start the car, as if you can bring the car to him. A 1975 is likely to need a new lock cylinder. Not too expensive from a lock smith, a lot more from a dealer.

Locksmiths know all about fixing those.