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1974 Mercury Capri master cylinder

I own a 1974 Mercury Capri and I am having trouble finding a master cylinder. Does anybody have any idea where I can locate one? Please note, although Cardone states they have a master cylinder in stock they do not. Any suggestions, maybe a master cylinder from another model? HELP!


If you can’t find a master cylinder, can you at least find a rebuild kit?

If Rockauto doesn’t have it, then you know you’re going to have problems finding it.


Try Team Blitz. If anyone is going to have it, they will. If they don’t have it, likely no one will.

The Pinto should be the same or have the same capabilities. Many of the old ones will do because they were all similar back then.

Rockauto shows 2 different ones for that car. Have you called them?

@pleasedodegevan I believe the Capri engine and the Pinto engine are different animals. The Capri is a British car with an engine similar to the British Ford Escort, very different form the US Escort.

@Docknick - for several years they put the Ford 2.3 l engine in both the Capri and Pinto. They also offered the 2.8 l ‘Cologne’ v6 on the Capri, that was the performance engine.

I tried to adjust the valves on my roommate’s 2.3 l Capri in college, turned out the noise came from the cam follwers being worn our by the cam. I helped a little, but it needed new cam and followers, at a minimum.


Sorry, but in the US the Capri’s shared the same engine with the Pinto’s - but in Europe there were more options - among them European engines.

And, No, the Capri wasn’t a British car. While there were factories in the UK, there were also factories on the continent - and most of the Capri’s imported into the US came from Cologne. (Wikipedia is your friend)