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1974 Dodge 360 Holley Carb in a Coachmen Motorhome

Hi. I have a 1974 Dodge Coachmen Motorhome. It ran great. I went to take it out and the throttle seemed to have loosened. So I shut it off. After I got the throttle back to where I felt comfortable with it working. I restarted it and now the carburetor opens at full throttle. And I can’t get it to stop. Any ideas are appreciated thanks.

First guess is throttle return spring is installed wrong.


I agree, the spring is installed wrong. That is a great guess based on the almost total lack of information from the OP.

I found the issue. A plate underneath in the injection broke free from the two brass bolts holding it in place.

In return it would never shut off my fuel and air supply which would cause my uncontrollable revving


The heads of those throttle plate screws are now INside your engine. I don’t see good things happening from that.

And I’m sorry too about the lack of information. I should’ve stated it is getting good fuel. And timing is good as well.

Is there anyway to fish them out?

Nope. You’ve already run the engine.

Couldn’t hurt to look in with a good light. If you’ve lived right, they might be in reach.

Yeah that’s a bummer. I will go look and see. I do appreciate your effort and time man thank you.

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The throttle plate screws seem to still be in place. The throttle shaft appears to have broken. Of course I’m due for an eye exam.

But the shaft is 90 degrees from the throttle plate, so the heads must have broken off the screws.

Yes, the throttle shaft is at WOT position while the throttle plate is lying somewhat flat in the bore. And if anything has dropped off the carburetor the intake needs to come off and the pieces removed and hopefully nothing went past an intake valve.

If the engine hasn’t been run much and you can’t see anything to retrieve, but are pretty sure there’s stuff waiting to cause damage, probsbly worth a shot to remove the intake manifold. You may be able to find whatever broke off there inside the intake manifold, or lodged up against the intake valve area, and won’t have to remove the cylinder heads. Besides that, maybe one of those vdo inspection cameras that have grabbers at the end could be used to spot and retrieve it.