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1973 Chevy Nova Wire Harness

Was wondering if there are any diagrams for installing the wire harness. Wanted to make it a little easier than tracking the source of the lines by hand. Any info would be greatly appreciated

Thank You

Did it not come with instructions?

If you google ‘transmission cooler installation’, I guarantee more than enough info. Some with pictures!!!

This shouldn’t be difficult…One end connects to the radiator…the other connects to the transmission. Removing the old line could be a pain - RUST…

Your question is pretty vague. The short answer is to remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. Count on losing some transmission fluid when you loosen the lines, probably a quart or two.

The best advice anyone can give you for this task is to be sure and use the correct tools. Obviously, you’ll need to be underneath the car, so you’ll have to have it raised on something secure, front AND rear. Cement blocks won’t do it, many a shade tree mechanic has been crushed by cars falling through collapsing cement blocks. Automotive ramps and/or sturdy wooden blocks for the front, the same or jackstands for the rear.

You’ll need to use the correct wrenches to remove the lines. The correct wrench is called a “flare nut wrench” also known as a “line wrench”. If you try to use a standard open end wrench you’re almost certainly doomed to failure. As I recall, for the transmission you’re working on, you’ll neeed TWO line wrenches for the connections to the transmission, because the line attaches to an adapter that threads into the transmission. If you try to just remove one of the nuts without holding the other one from turning you’ll twist the line apart. Sorry, I don’t remember the sizes, but I think 9/16, 5/8 and 11/16 will do the job.

What i was asking for was maybe somewhere i can look up the schematics showing the route that the lines take from the transmission to the radiator. I removed the lines, now im kind of in a bind because i cant locate the route the original lines took. Any info in that area would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much

Those cooler lines usually run along side the oil pan held by clips attached by a couple of the oil pan bolts.