1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SL - Cranks, but won't fire

need service on 1971 mercedes 280s
cranks, but won’t fire up

looking for tech in orange county, NY

Google is your friend… Google and check with other old MB owners to see where they take theirs for service as well as ask friends, co-workers, family, church members etc etc, look for classic car clubs around you and ask them… I would look for a classic MB specialist, not the dealer… Nashville has a few, I’m sure you should have some in your area also… If price scares you, then you bought the wrong vehicle… lol


What @davesmopar said. Attend a classic car club meeting, ask around. And this is the 280SL (fuel injected), correct? Not the 280S (carburetor).

Maybe this?
Orange County Antique Auto Club: The Oldest, the Largest & Most Family Oriented Car Club in New York (ocantiqueautoclub.com)

The first step is to determine if the cranks-but-doesn’t-start is fuel or spark. If your mechanic starts by making a guess, find another mechanic.

If your engine uses the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system, pretty good chance this is a fuel problem, likely the fuel pump has failed.

This one’s not close, but works on old MBs:
Contact our Shop in New Canaan, CT Today At (203) 966-2681 or Online (ncforeigncar.com)

Have you joined online MB forums?

I think this car is so old, that it probably predates K-Jetronic

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