1971 Buick Skylark - Seeking help

Looking for a mechanic who knows how to work on a 455 ci V8 (quadrajet) Electra 225 coupe. Having runaway revs on warmup, sometimes persistent. Thanks.

possible Vacuum leak – Use spray carburetor cleaner and spray around the base of the carburetor and any vacuum lines

Quadrajet Troubleshooting - Mikes Carburetor Parts (carburetor-blog.com)

Did it ever occur to you that giving your location might get you a decent answer ?

Just start calling the local car clubs and they might send you in the right direction.


I’m sorry that I offended you with my situation and question.

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Do you mean that there is not enough vacuum being transmitted to the carburetor?
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There is nothing at the link that describes my problem.
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Just a guess, the throttle return spring broke or has fallen off.
BTW, I had a 72, Electra 225, four door hardtop, loved it.

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If the idle speed returns to normal when the engine warms up, I suspect a problem with the adjustment of the choke. The choke linkage may be binding.

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Terry Wynters Auto Service in Fort Myers, Florida can fix you right up.

You need to find a classic car repair shop or mechanic. Go to a classic car show or club meeting and ask around.

I believe these would still have that cold engine (what’s it called again?) oh yeah, fast idle and the heat riser valve system. When the engine is cold, there is a stepped cam on the carb that increases the idle speed. The heat riser valve on the manifold directs heat to the thermister on the carb and eventually allows the fast idle to come off the cam and return to normal. The riser valves stick, and those round thermisters were a constant problem. You can check the valve, adjust the thermister, or just unscrew the screw on the cam so it doesn’t operate. Not fun on ice with the fast idle sticking-ask how I know.

The other issue could be a sticking choke pull off. So the choke is not opening fully when warm. You can do a little google searching on the terms for better information. My old books are on the top shelf and can’t reach them without a ladder.

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If I remember correctly from my 72 Camaro rs/ss with the same carb. there is 3 or 4 screws on the side of the choke that hold on a black plastic cover. if you loosen the screws you can adjust the choke by turning the plastic cover. also, sometimes the coil spring inside the choke break.

Check if there’s voltage at the wire going to the thermal choke pull-off while the engine is idling.



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I can handle it. I am free the first week of March. I don’t do house calls.


Yes it would help if the OP would give us their location.

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Sometimes I invent my own NEW curse words for special problems!


My dad use to curse in Italian when working on the cars and things did not go right. so, now I know those too. :laughing:

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I worked with Germans and the French… learned a few of those. I need some Spanish…but those vary quite a bit by region.

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