1969 Impala oil change interval

I put about 800 miles on my 69 Impala with a 327 during the summer here in Chicago. How often should I change the oil? I’ve been doing it once in april then again in October. What grade oil should I be using? So far, I’ve gone with 10W-30.

You are doing good including the oil grade. Actually one change per year should be fine.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing. You could change the oil once a year and still be OK.

Once a year? You sure that will be OK? What about starting it during the winter months? I heard that it’s better not to start it at all and just drive it for a few miles on a decent day. I used to start it once a month but don’t do that anymore. Thanks for the help.

I’d add that using a full-synthetic oil will help keep this old engine from sludging up.

At 800 miles a year, mostly summer driving, sludge is not an issue…

What about the winter starting? Any thoughts on this?

Only start the car if you can drive it at normal speed for about a half hour, long enough to thoroughly heat up the oil. Otherwise, put in a full dose of Sta-Bil in the fall and get a battery tender.