1969 Checker Marathon Wagon - Seeking General Advice

You love the car and if you sell it you will be kicking yourself for every minute of the rest of your life.
There are a few cars and motorcycles that I sold decades ago and the loss still grates on me whenever they come to mind. Like now. :frowning:

Back in the mid 70s the father of a friend of mine owned the local cab company and had about a dozen Checkers. He had a hired lady to handle dispatch and he personally took care of all maintenance on them. He often stated those cars were like tanks and almost all service work he did was just normal routine maintenance and wear/tear parts.

Both company owner and all of the Checkers are long gone now; replaced by Crown Vics in some of the most nauseating colors that could be had. I have to think they’re repainted ex-cop cars.

I am heavily biased. I would keep it and maintain it.

Keep it!! everyone needs something old and indestructable around the house. I don’t have room for an extra car, but I have a 1970 cast aluminum Apsco stapler made in Sweden that is easy in the hands, never binds and just keeps on running.

My wife has a 60s era Sunbeam 15 speed heavy duty mixer; she claims it will mix cement. These things had all metal bodies and will likely outlast us both.

If you keep it, don’t use it for kid transport. Sure it’s tough, but it has none of the safety equipment that modern cars have, no reason to put your kids at risk.