1967 Ford Mustang - Colors

Hello, thinking about restoring a 1967 Ford mustang, do you know where I could find info about original colors?

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There are many Mustang sites and restoration parts and info on the web. Here is the answer to your question.


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I have been slammed in the past because I think that Google or Bing and even Cortana can provide info .
Just for fun I put ( 1970 Mustang Colors ) in Google . Good Grief , there is a ton of articles list color names and paint charts plus even ones for specific models.

Also Carol , you should check into a local Mustang club that will give more resources than you can possibly use.

Hello, I apprecciate your help, I´m trying to figure out what was the first color they used on a 1967 Mustang, my brothers are trying to restore one and I was looking for info, like what color the vynil on the inside was.

Thank you again, Mustangman :slight_smile:

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Thank you Volvo V70, I´m actually looking for paint and inside info for a 1967 Mustang but the list only got up to 1970.

My brothers are trying to restore one and I wanted to look for info about first color outside and interior they released them.

Here in Mexico there is not much info regarding classic cars :frowning: and I found a lot of info on the web but nothing that specific.

Thanks again, I´ll keep looking.

Here’s a book that you may enjoy. Written by a friend of CarTalk’s. I sent a PM to the author asking if he had any resources to share. Maybe he will answer.

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Link to color codes- https://www.carmemories.com/cgi-bin/viewexperience.cgi?experience_id=358

Usually those codes are listed on the trim tag or a build sheet if you’re lucky enough to find it.


What do you mean “first color”?

I think they want to know what the vehicles original paint color was and the interior fabric or vinyl color .

@CaroMontoya Try using your search engine for the Marti report for Mustang and with your VIN they might give you the info you want. Don’t put the VIN on here.


I don’t know what resources are available in Mexico. Somewhere on that car would be a paint code that would tell what color code the car was painted with. Suppliers that provide paint for cars have large books with chips, samples, codes, and formulas for cars that also include interior paint codes. Also for interior colors and materials, large auto trim shops have trim books that have actual references and samples of the cloth/vinyl materials used. So a good body shop supplier and auto upholstery shop could be a big help if you are nice to them. They also have access to factory matching materials.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out, allow me explain myself.

We´re trying to restore a 1967 Mustang and I wanted to know what color they used on the first edition for that year as well as what color the vinyl was on that year for the Mustang.

But I kept looking and apparently they came into several colors.

Thanks again, Carol!!

Thank you, I will look for a body shop supplier and auto upholstery, I apprecciate you took the time to respond.


Ok, Volvo V70, thank you.


But all that info is assuming the car has it’s original door, or they switched the original tag to the replacement door.

Don’t bother having the interior re-created… there are a bunch of brand new upholstery done just like the factory in factory colors available from a number of sources.

Here is one:

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Here’s the sales brochure for the 67 Mustang.



Thank you!

I own an old Ford truck and when that sort of question happens I usually turn first to my LMC-Truck catalog geared specifically for my truck’s model and model year. Even if I never ordered anything, which I haven’t yet, the catalog still has tons of interesting & useful information. It has all the colors available and the Ford color codes for example. LMC – being pickup truck specialists – wouldn’t offer a catalog for a Mustang I expect, but there must be other parts vendors specializing in Mustangs that offer free catalogs National Parts Depot (NPD) comes to mind. See what they offer in the line of parts catalogs for Mustangs on the website. There’s several classic Mustang specific magazines at my local bookstore too, where that sort of vendor advertises. A 67 Mustang is a good choice b/c of its popularity, parts remain plentiful.