1967 Camaro SS headlight issue

When I turn my headlights on idle the motor kills. At higher RPM engine still runs and lights will start to blink.

Your alternator is bad.

Are these stock headlights? What is your idle set to? Check the ground cable that goes from the firewall to the engine block, usually at the back of one of the heads.

Maybe the car has vacuum operated light covers. The OP is looking for ESP, it seems.

Rpm is at 900 same as in the past . Upgraded headlights halogen installed 4 years ago. No headlight covers and engine stalls simultaneously when headlight is pulled,on.

Alternator replaced but will check just to be sure

I assume the battery is cranking the engine okay which would hopefully mean it is in good shape. Along with a possibly faulty alternator and since the engine dies when the lights are turned on, you may have a engine to chassis or battery to chassis ground problem. The trouble could also be on the hot side from the battery to fuse panel possibly. An easy way to find out where the trouble is at is to make a 12 gauge jumper wire and place it between the areas you want to check out. Like between the chassis and negative post of the battery will check that connection out. Make sure you tie to known good ground points when making the ground checks.

Have the alternator and battery system load checked as it sounds like there is a problem with the alternator. I’m not sure if there is an external regulator on this car or not. It sounds like the alternator has excessive AC ripple that is causing the lights to flash. Checking the AC voltage across the battery while the engine is running around 1,500 RPM will tell the story on that. You should see less than .1 volt of AC voltage if the alternator is okay.

The '67 Camaros had voltage regulators seperate from the alternators. I’m betting your voltage regulatror is bad…or has corroded connections (lots of them in those days were not sealed against the environment).

Maybe something wrong with the wiring for the lights, or the light switch? That’s if the alternator, regulator, battery, and all connections check out OK.

Did you check for that engine to body ground yet?

I would check the headlights for a short to ground, step one replace the headlights, step 2 if it continues check the sockets for a short, step 3 check the wiring for a potential short.