1966 Ford Truck Won't Start When Warm

Sorry for the neophyte question.

I have a 1966 Ford F250 Camper Special, Twin I Beam, 8 cylinder.

The car starts cold like a champ. The problem is after I’ve driven for 1/2 hour or hour (for example, driving to the city dump), it won’t ‘restart’ after I’ve turned the motor off. The only way to get it to start is to drop the clutch in first or reverse to get the engine to turn over. I’m not sure if it’s battery or compression or something else? I’m Sgt. Schultz, “I know nothing.”

I’m worried about getting stranded at the dump where both my truck and I will get recycled.


Is this truck refusing to crank,or does it crank correctly but does not fire? Mechanics call this Motor turns over but will not fire. If its a no crank situation try jumping the starter relay (mounted on the fenderwell). If its a no fire situation and the vehicle has points check them out (I replace points with the slightest bit of doubt). Is this truck still using a voltage dropping resistor for the coil,does everything look clean and tight? Lastly how are the plugs?

Thanks. I’ll check the points and plugs, but I know they are reasonably new. I am wondering why it would start so well cold, but so badly when warmed up. Do the points go out of alignment when warm?

You may have to make a heat shield for the starter. Your starter might be old and more susceptible to heat soak. If the starter is really straining to get enough speed to start the engine, heat soak is the problem.