1966 Dodge Charger - Busted Radiator Question



Well i am hoping that someone could give me advise. How do i best clean my cooling system after the cooling coils that cool the transmission busted in the radiator? Since transmission fluid mixed with the water in the radiator then pasted through the cooling channels and water passed through the radiator channels. i plan on changing the transmission filter but beyond that - how do i clean this up?

thanks in advance,



Ever think of replacing that 1966 radiator? Didnt read the post so good you probably did replace the radiator. You want to flush out the contanimated fluid in the engine cooling system.I would remove the upper/lower hoses,thermostat,run the garden hose through the engine till it comes out clear. Now you say there is contaminated fluid in the transmission? A flush will remove more fluid than a pan drop. Hope you are allowed to run this water/coolant/transfluid mixture out onto the ground(from the engine)