1963 Evinrude outboard cylinder head

Going through my 63’ rude to discover why it wasn’t cooling. When I removed the cylinder head, I found all the water passages filled with calcium and mud. I cleaned the cooling jackets with a brass brush and a toothbrush. After cleaning I found a thin spot in the head. The head is aluminium, the motor is 2 cycle. The new head gasket is very thick, but I would like to fill the thin spot. What are my options? Here is a picture, look at the closest side of the farthest cylinder;

A good welding/machine shop should be able to fix this up easily.

Another place to try would be an engine rebuilder.

thanks guys, what kind of price range should I be thinking?

Look for a cylinder head rebuilding service. There are several around me, so I’m sure you’ve got them too. I’ve had aluminum heads welded for coolant related problems like you have, although never that close to the combustion chamber. They specialize in welding aluminum heads with coolant related corrosion.

As for cost, they’ll be happy to tell you when they see what they need to do.

Shops that can repair boat propellers will have the welding skills to fix this…Then any machine shop can mill the head flat again…The white stuff is not calcium…It’s aluminum oxide…Your motor is dissolving… Once this starts, it usually marks the end of the line…The cooling system can never operate properly…

I only paid 100 bucks for it, so If I can get a couple of seasons out of it, I’ll be happy.