1954 Chrysler Saratoga Hemi

Does anyone have an idea what a well cared for 1954 Chrysler Saratoga Hemi 2 door hardtop is worth. Car has all availble accessories for that year. Color is blue with white top. Auto Transmission. Mileage about 45,000.

Owned by late father of one of my wife’s friends. Spent all years garaged and in dry part of the West.

I think you should start by checking with Hemmings Motor News. Another source of information might be the Walter P. Chrysler club. This is a great car. I believe that the Saratoga was the smaller body used on the Windsor with the hemispherical combustion chamber V-8 used on the New Yorker. The fact that it is a 2-door hard top adds to its value.

Thanks, I’ll follow that up. This car also has a white interior. It was owned by the chief surgeon of the local hospita, who really babied it.

Here’s some ads for Saratogas.





For what it’s worth, my guide book shows in the 18k range, give or take. That’s assuming it’s a No. 2 car.
Like any book though, it’s a guide only and a lot depends on the seller and prospective buyer.
Low miles original, accessories, garaged, and a Hemi 2 DR HT means it will bring more IMHO.

You might look at ebay’s COMPLETED auctions for similar cars. Current auctions only tell you what the seller is hoping for as does www.hemmings.com . There aren’t any similar cars shown today, but there will be eventually.