1947 Chevy gas tank

I let my 47 Chevy sit too long without driving it and now I am getting constant accumulation of scale, rust, etc… in the glass bowl of my fuel filter. I have heard about removing the tank, cleaning with a chain and then using an etching solution followed by some kind of protective coating. Also have heard about the process of having the tank chemically boiled in a large vat. Also, maybe sandblasting the interior of the tank and then applying some kind of protective coating. Or, try to find a new tank??? (refurbished) So, what is my next move to get the job done CORRECTLY??? Thank You!!! Kenny C. in Oregon

A new tank is undoubtedly the best way to go, but they could be pricey and hard to find the correct fit.

The second best option is the tank sealer kit. Eastwood has a good one, and not expensive. eastwood.com/gas-tank-sealer-kits.html

A marine service yard can make you a new tank out of any material you choose…They can make an exact copy of your old tank…

Whatever you do, be extremely careful with the tank. An air + vapor-filled tank is explosive, given any kind of spark. Lots of injuries from folks welding on 55 gallon drums.