4yr old gas in tank of RV

Is there an additive that can be used in tank to remove varnish, etc. The RV was started and run for about 30 minutes until a couple of months ago. Now it won’t start

4 years of sitting gas is way too long, even if it was treated.

No additive to fix this. The carb is probably clogged up and now needs to be removed and rebuilt. The filter is probably similarly clogged, and the tank should also be removed and flushed. Hopefully, the fuel lines can be flushed and cleaned without replacing them.

I’ve run 7 year old fuel and lived to tell about it. After a couple of bottles of alcohol it cleaned up (for running) nicely.

Try starting it by priming the carb.

Can I assume that this is a 454 engine? Was 85 carb’d??

Why does everyone insist on starting right out of the gate with the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO?? What ever happened to offering the simple checks first??

Sea Foam and Carb cleaner @ the carb can work wonders along with a little starting fluid to kick it off.

You need to get all the old gas out first, have you done this?