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1947 Buick Harmonic Balancer Removal

Can anyone tell me how to remove a harmonic balancer from a straight 8 Buick engine. There are no bolt holes on the balancer to use a standard balancer removal tool. I was able to remove the center bolt. I removed the center bolt then threaded it back in a couple of threads and tried using my hydraulic gear puller with the center of the puller on the bolt. I got it to move off about 3/16" but then it stopped. Right now I have the hydraulic puller still on under tension and am periodically spraying it with screw loose hoping it may pop off. I need to know if this will work or if I am fighting against the puller now.
My 42 to 47 Buick manual does’t give any info on removing the balancer. I also searched the internet but it looks like no one else has ever tried to remove one.
Any info would greatly be appreciated.

Are you sure you don’t have the balancer jammed against the bolt?

I’d remove the puller, then the bolt and see if the balancer will come off. If not I’d try to push the balancer back ON, then lubricate and try pulling it off again. Back and forth, on and off. Once you have it moving it should come off without too much effort.

I agree with Jay… Remove the puller, Soak it with penetrating oil. Drive it back on and pull again…Use a HEAVY (sledge) hammer and a block of wood to drive it on…It should come off on the second attempt…

It’s probably a solid steel balancer so try using some heat. Try a propane or mapp torch to heat the balancer around the crank snout. The idea is not to make it glow or anything nearly that hot but just hot enough to expand it some so the puller can do its work.

In order to absorb harmonic vibrations (which can break a crankshaft) harmonic balancers must be two pieces that move against each other…The longer the crank, the more critical this becomes…

There are always exceptions. I’m not an expert in this area but I know of at least one.