1936 Master Cylinder

The master cylinder in my 1936 Dodge has 2 ports, one at the end and one underneath. Does it matter which one I use? When I got the car the lines were connected to a tee coming out of the bottom one. One side went to the fronts and other to the backs. But when I look in the vintage car repair books it shows to use end port. Does anyone know which I should use. I have a new master cylinder which appears to be exactly the same has old one.

If the ports are connected internally to each other, it does not make any difference which one you use…The master cylinder may have been double-ported to meet the needs of several different applications…

Believe it or not some of the early master cylinders had bleeder valves on them. How was the master cylinder originally connected?

Have you tried looking for a classic car forum? I imagine some folks there have lots of current experience with 30s Dodges.