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$1700 repair bill on an 05 Town & Country!

Herre is the story. We live in PA where we have the dreaded anual inspection. The ABS light came on about a month before the inspection was up so we make an apointment with a local garage. NOT the dealership because of the 3yr wearranty. They look at the van and can’t figure the problem out and say the car needs to go to the dealer for the needed repairs. They also say that the steering rack needs replaced because it is leaking and in PA no part of the steering system can be leaking. However no spots on the driveway so the leak wasn’t all that bad. Also rear emergency brake cable had snapped and the emergency brakes were froze and had torn up the rotors and rear brake shoes were “separating from the backing plates” so the whole shooting match needed replaced. So the ABS was about $250 to repair, the Steering Rack was $650, and the rear brakes were about $750 to replace and free up along with the new ebrake cable. Plus the charges for the inspection and emissions check and all of the various shop charges.


Sounds about right.

i think you got away lucky.

you basically had NO rear brakes, no e-brake, and were lucky to have steering.

the price seems like alot, but it sounds just about right to me. i do all my repairs, so this is more than i pay, but this WAS alot of work. next time don’t wait so long to get the funny noises checked, and maybe less time between visits to the mechanics for a checkup.

what could have been a 250.00 rear brake job may have caused the ABS and parking brake failure.

penny wise pound foolish. you got away with it for not too bad a price.

Did the first shop just quit and didnt even give the ABS concern a shot? Or did you let the independant shop do the rack and the parking brake rear brake work? What ABS work was done by the dealer that the Independant shop couldnt figure out? By the way rotors go with pads and drums go with shoes. You do say you had $250.00 in ABS repairs