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'17 Sonata Eco info

I see that folks here sometimes post looking for car buying recommendations so here’s my two-cents’. I’ve had my '17 Sonata Eco since Dec and it’s been great. I drive a lot of highway and it’s comfortable, quiet and quite peppy with the 4cyl turbo but the best part is the mileage. This car routinely gets (according to the on board computer assuming it’s accurate) an average of ~32 combined. On the highway if I’m not hitting a lot of wind and roads are dry I average 38-39 mpg, and that includes the 70mph parts where I typically do 80. That’s pretty freaking good for a non-hybrid car! Granted I don’t drive up and down a lot of hills so ymmv as they say.

Not bad MPG’s, not bad at all. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for posting. I presume AC is standard, right, not optional? Is it available w/ manual transmission? What assortment of electronic gadgets and gizmos does it sport?

Yes A/C was standard (dual zone costs extra). Don’t know about availability of manual trans. My car has an aux port, usb port, two lighter style charger ports, Bluetooth, GPS (requires subscription), Android Auto, Apple Carplay, SiriusXM (requires subscription), touchscreen interface. That’s about it I think!

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It is just me probably, but when ever I see deckm00 avatar al I can imagine is someone yelling ( Get off my lawn).

LOL! No but if you look closely enough you might recognize Dr. Brown from Back to the Future.
I’m not normally like that but it does express how I feel sometimes when I watch the news.

LoL! If you look closely enough you might recognize Doc Brown from Back to the Future.I’m not like that but it expresses how I feel lately when I watch the news.

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