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16 Year Old Daughter's First Car!

My 16 year old daughter has narrowed her car search to two contenders: 2005 Ford Escape, 4 cylinder, 97k miles. The other is a 2005 Mazda Tribute, V6, 114k miles. There’s an $800 difference between the two. She prefers the higher mileage Mazda, but she wants to get as much out of the car as possible. Both cars are built on the same platform, so the two biggest differences are the engines and mileage. Your thoughts? Thank you, Doug In Atlanta

Let her pick which one she likes better, after a qualified independent inspection of course. You may find a need for brakes, tires and regular maintenance expenses save more than the $800 price difference. Cynical me would say chances for a wreck seem to be pretty good in the first couple of years of driving so looking at a long term car is probably going to be irrelevant.

First thing you need to do is edit your post and remove your phone number!! These “16 year old daughter” threads usually run for weeks…

The 4 cylinder Escape is somewhat unusual but perfect for a beginning driver…It will be easier to maintain and have lower repair and possibly insurance costs…

There is no edit for original posts, maybe in the next release.