15000 mile maintence on a 2001 Honda Civic

My father recently gave me an 01 Honda with very low miles. We’ve driven it a year & it is at 15,000 miles. I’m being told it needs a 7 year major service, inc. change of spark plugs, belts and hozes, change of transmission & break fluid for close to $600, rather than just a 15,000 mi service for considerably less. How true is this?

I’ve talked to several dealors in the area and they all agree that service should be based on # of years rather than miles. Aside from the fact that my father drove it vey little, we live in a city & also don’t use it that much. So it seems crazy to spend that kind of money. Any reccomendations?

Thank you!

Belts & hoses are good measure as they age with time and exposure to air along with mileage. Brake fluid is another service as it absorbs moisture from the air moving or sitting.

The dealers are right. Also make sure to follow requirements on timing belt by time not age. They snap due to age along with mileage too.

Does this include the timing belt? If so, that is a good price.

Rubber parts deteriorate with age, and brake fluid absorbs moisture with age so these do need the be changed with time, not just miles.

$600 for seven more years, not too bad. Most of use will spend a lot more than that in car maintenance over the next 7 years.