15000 mile maintence on a 2001 Honda Civic

My father recently gave me an 01 Honda with very low miles. We’ve driven it a year & it is at 15,000 miles. I’m being told it needs a 7 year major service, inc. change of spark plugs, belts and hozes, change of transmission & break fluid for close to $800, rather than just a 15,000 mi service for considerably less. How true is this?

I’ve talked to several dealors in the area and they all agree that service should be based on # of years rather than miles. Aside from the fact that my father drove it vey little, we live in a city & also don’t use it that much. So it seems crazy to spend that kind of money. Any reccomendations?

Thank you!

The service interval is based on time. Not mileage.

The car is seven years old. But in this case, you know all I would have done? Have the vehicle inspected by an independent garage, and have the brake system flushed. Only because brake fluid aborbs moisture from the air. Then drive the vehicle until the next service interval. And then service the vehicle based on mileage, and not time.