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15 gallons of gas fell onto my driveway!

I hope you have a concrete driveway, gas will eat up asphalt. Depending on your mileage, check with Volvo, If this was caused by emission components it may be covered by warranty.

Since the driveway is concrete, I would not worry about it. Keep an eye on it and see if it develops cracks or spalling. I don’t think it will, but mon itor anyway. If you need to recondition or replace the driveway, you might get homeowners insurance help.

If your driveway is concrete, I would not bother doing anything. If your driveway is asphalt, it will likey be ruined partially since the gasline dissolvces the tar binding. In that case clean up as much as you can and when spring comes have it repaved after excavating the damaged parts.

I worked for an asphalt paving company and we use diesel fuel to clean the asphalt off the equipment!!!