14 year old on 8/24/13 show

Hey guys … I think you totally missed the point of the question from Matt, the 14 year old who called in at the end of the 8/24 show … he was trying to get spots off the windows and mirrors that had apparently permanently stained them … otherwise, why would he have said he scrubbed and scrubbed and couldn’t get them off? your advice to him about the squeegee and stuff were ways to AVOID leaving spots after washing, not how to get off the spots that are already there from the past …

The advice you gave was excellent for preventing water spots from forming after a car wash, but how did the existing spots get there? Judging from his description of how he washes and what products he uses, I don’t think his washing caused the problem. My guess is that his parents left the car parked in the driveway while the lawn sprinkler was running, then the sun came out and dried up the water leaving mineral deposits. Tell Mom & Dad to park the car in the garage from now on.

Thanks for a great show, guys!!

Just so that you are aware, that “14 year old” has probably graduated from college by now.
The age of the repeated segments on this show can be as old as 15-17 years, IIRC.

I think @VDCdriver is right. The call from the 14-year-old you heard was probably recorded 10 or 20 years ago. Tom and Ray are pretty much retired, recycling old calls.