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12,900 for a new 2010 base model Corolla?

Hello all, I’m in the market for a new car this spring, and someone offered me a base-model Corolla for 12,900. Is this as low as the get, or could I bargain a little lower? This is for the base model, manual trans., no power windows, etc.

Do some research on You should be able to figure out what the dealer price is and also get some tips on negotiating.

That’s about $1300 under what Edmunds says you should consider reasonable; even with incentives included. How many miles are on it? If it has more than 400 miles, it is considered a used car, and there might be a reduction in that.

Look on;; autobytel and such and see what is the best quote you get within 100 miles. Call the internet sales of the closest dealer with that quote and have them match it. If they don’t call the 2nd closest. Good luck.

Is this a brand new car (as in 4 or 5 miles) from a Toyota dealer or what?

Wonder why a 2010 is still loitering around in 2011? In 6 months the 2012s will be out and this will make the car 2 model years old.

Just offhand, sounds like a deal anyway but the details are a bit murky.

That’s probably why it’s going so low - My parents snagged a '05 corolla, similarly equipped, mid way through the '06 model year, for about the same price.

No one out there wants a car without power equipment. For the meager $1000 it costs and the longevity of this type of car, power equipment is money well spent.

Remember the dreadful days of reaching around to each door and unlocking. Or even worse for me now is the lack of keyless entry. Maybe I am spoiled but I like this stuff.

If you are the only one who uses the car, it has AC and you never drive with the windows down, I don’t see the downside of having everything manual.

I got something like this back in 02. It now has 232,000 miles on, 222,000 of them back and forth to work, no passengers.

Andrew, I’d respectfully disagree. For my first three decades of car ownership all my vehicles had all manual equipment, and I’d happily buy a “strippee” if it was a good car and the price was good. I’m sure there are lots of young people around who don’t need any power equipment…but do need a low price.

The low level of equipment is either a plus, if you want the cheapest new Corolla you can find, or a minus, if you plan to only keep it a few years - it could be hard to unload, which means you’ll have to sell it cheap, losing any savings you achieve up front.

How long do you plan to keep it?

Personally, I got along fine for years with A/C, Power brakes and power steering.
Otherwise, the only widget I care about is cruise control.