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100k miles out of a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid?

I am interested in finding out the life expectancy of my CVT transmission.
Does anyone out there have over 100k on theirs?

You need to find a Civic hybrid forum, google it.

But if you’re searching for evindence that these transmissions only last 100k, you’ll be disappointed. I’m sure a few do, but the issue with this car is less than expected mpgs, I haven’t heard of transmission failures being a major issue.

Here’s someone who got 230k+ out of her 2003 Honda CVT before a quickie lube place ruined it:

You have to read down the thread a bit to find where she says it had 230+k miles. I’d print that thread out and take it to the mechanic who ruined your CVT to show him that yours could have gone over 200k miles if he hadn’t ruined it first.