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'10 Mercedes E350 or '09 Mercedes CLS550 or 08 Mercedes S550?

so im going to choose an car which one will be comfortable,(rear seats comfortability don’t matter so much, im single 19yrs old guy) reliability and i would like if car elso attract attention

and also i don’t su much care about " horsepower "

which one will be fine for me ?

if both wrong choices please suggest you opinion, im looking for( 4door, not shorter like MB C-class, reliable and comfortable though for front seaters, and also if possible attention attracter )

and what about 2008 S550 ? in my opinion im in that car may looks like older man, except this, what about this car?

If you are 19 years old and really want to attract attention, get a used Chrysler 300 C for $12,000 and put on 22" chrome spinner wheels.

On the off chance your question is serious – having driven both E and S 550’s here’s my take. The S is a great car, but if you are not always driving with three passengers, it’s too big and a waste. I’m also a single guy and only take one or two passengers on short trips to restaurants on weekends. During the week, I drive myself. I’d also take the E over the CLS – CLS gun-slit windows are too claustrophobic and forget about anyone over 5’8" in the rear seat. Also, the CLS does not have the panorama roof.

I’d take an E550, RWD, panorama roof, P2 package, fold-down rear seats, no parktronic, distronic or other electronic nannies.

Go out and drive them all and get what fits you best.

Another option is an E320 CDI. Check out this test:

driven 30 days non-stop (just gas, drivers, oil, tires, etc.)
100,000 miles
average speed 140 MPH
mileage 40 MPG

PS: Spend less on a car and more on your education. Once you learn proper grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling English becomes a wonderful language.

If you’re rollin’ in dough, choose the one you like best.

If you’re thinking of doing this on a budget, there are a lot of sharp cars out there far, far more affordable that these choices. Get a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore and test drive something affordable that looks good to you.

Don’t try to buy a Mercedes on a budget. You’ll be the guy with the Mercedes that’s always bumming rides because he cannot afford to keep it running. That’s very UNcool.

Any of these is an excellent choice for a young man on the move who wants to attract attention. Personally, if I were in your position I’d select a new model, as opposed to a used car, because when the ladies see a fellow cruising around in a used car, even a 2009 Mercedes Benz CLS550, they say to themselves, “He can’t afford a new one.”

Do you want to be in that position? No, of course not. So buy a new Mercedes. The more expensive the better.

Then, in a few months, when the 2011 models come out you will have to trade it for another new car or risk losing the attention you seek and deserve. Hey, the really classy women know what they’re looking at, and they can tell the difference between a new car and a used car.

You don’t seem like a “used car” guy to me.

Another option would be to wait a bit and snag one of the first 2011 models coming into the country (a healthy down payment to your local MB dealer will secure the car of your choice) and then you’ll be in good shape until 2012.

But I’m sure you don’t want to wait for all the attention, so I suggest you get out there, find a new Mercedes that suits your needs, and buy it.

You’re only 19 once. Live your dreams. After all, it’s only money.

Please post pictures of yourself with your new car (and hopefully your new GF, too) soon.

If you don’t want power or rear-seat comfort, go with the E. It has plenty of power, but less than the V8s in the CLS and S.

None of these cars will be cheap to maintain.

lets hope it’s HIS money and not his parents

If this is legitimate, does it matter?

Why stop at one of those choices? Why not the Mercedes made of white gold? Just the thing for a self-absorbed twit.

How about a CTS/Z and some English lessons?

If it’s legit, then I’d tell them to talk to their insurance agent and find out which will be cheaper to insure.

IIRC, our friend live is Eastern Europe. He should probably not get involved with US cars. HyeGuy, we really don’t know much about European cars. Sure, we have some of the same brands, but ours are almost all gasoline engines, and many, if not most, European cars use diesels. Our safety standards are different, too.