09 Accord Not Shifting Correctly

My new 09 Accord does not want to shift from third to fourth gears, when accelerating by simple gravity, going down hill. I have to touch the gas pedal before the transmission will shift. I took it to the dealer, and was told that was “normal” and a feature of the car. Is this true?

I believe this is a feature of the “Grade Logic” programming in Honda automatic transmissions. The Owner’s Manual should explain it further.


Ed B.

Most car manufacturers have adopted “fuzzy logic” in the programming of their transmission modules, and as a result, modern transmissions will tend to “hold” in 3rd gear on a downgrade unless you hit the accelerator. This is a good thing. Why would you want it to go into 4th gear, thus necessitating more use of your brakes?

It is Grade Logic Control and it IS completely normal. Grade logic uses ascending and descending control. In the descending control like what you are feeling grade logic extends out the 3-4 shift to utilize engine braking. Its all to help keep the vehicle under control while descending hills.


Thanks for the confirmation. I can see where it would be useful at times, but normally it’s just annoying, because typically when it happens, I really will be speeding up soon, so I do want it to shift up. Guess I’ll just tap the gas and count my blessings that I have a new car.