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08 Pontiac grand prix whirring noise

My car is making a whirring noise, sounds like from under/in front of driver side. I child be wrong, as I’ve only heard it while driving. It only seems to happen when it’s cold. It gets louder the more I accelerate. I’ve read it could be power steering. Fluid level is good. Any ideas?

So, in PARK, with the hood open and your head stuck out the window, and then you rev the engine, you can’t hear it?

Well I haven’t tried that. I’ll try in the morning if it’s child enough. Like I said, it makes the sound when it’s cold. The colder it is the louder it is. But as the engine warms up, it stops.

Good. If you hear it, turn the wheel side-to-side to see if the noise changes.

It wasn’t cold enough this morning to hear it. But it does get a little louder while turning. My front wheel bearings aren’t even a year old yet, I changed them out.


Is this a normal (normally aspirated) 3.8L V-6 or is it a turbo-charged Grand Prix GT or super-charged GXP?

Does it sound like a wheel bearing, like it did when you changed them (if that’s why they were changed)?

Unabashed born again Grand Prix Lover,

08 was last yr of grand prix. they had 3 motors. normally aspirated 3.8 motor. a supercharged 3.8 motor and the gxp had the 5.3 V8 motor. no turbo motors were offered in this gen grand prix. they had the funky turbo 3.1 motor a long time ago. no gt model was offered in 08. just the gxp

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3.8 v6.
I changed Bearings because the passenger side tire was wearing down unevenly, a friend said it was bearings. So I changed both front bearings.


“My front wheel bearings aren’t even a year old yet, I changed them out.”

May I ask what brand or where the original bearings were purchased? I have noticed that they’ve really shortened some of the warranty coverage on aftermarket bearing/hub assemblies.

I don’t know if they’re legitimate or fake, but some of the “reviews” for some national auto parts stores claim some of the bearings last a year or less.

To make a long story short, don’t rule out a wheel bearing because it’s been replaced.

I don’t feel any vibration in the wheels, and they aren’t wearing unevenly. I don’t think it’s a bearing problem.

Ironically, I had bought the higher quality wheel bearing at Autozone for my 05 Town & Country (the Moog vs Duralast) and the MOOG failed (and actually shattered…) in under 6 months. Fortunately the MOOG carries a 3 year warranty, so I only lost time that it took me to replace it. Having read reviews from many different websites, though, it seems like the “store brand” bearings are of really inferior quality compared to the more expensive brands

If it does it when cold and changes with moving the wheel, I would say ps pump or rack.