08 Pontiac g6 2.4,has a gas guage that does not go to full

Tried to fill up my 08 Pontiac G6 with a 2.4 engine. The gauge would only go to 3/4 of a tank. Did a little searching on the internet and found some discussion of a bad sensor on the side of the fuel pump or the motor that works the fuel gauge may be bad. I was hoping to get input from someone who has had this problem with a 04-10 GM vehicle, with a 2.2 or 2.4 engine and what your solution was? Thanks


Usually this symptom is caused by a problem with the sender unit in the tank. It could be the sender-unit interference problem posted above by Tester, or just that the sender unit has gone out of calibration. The latter ins’t an unusual thing, both sender units on my 4x4 truck are out of whack. On an 08, me, I’d do the same as I do for my truck. Rather than monkey around with the fuel tank, just live with it. Put a piece of white tape by the side of the gauge, fill it up, and mark the full line, then using the mpg’s you normally get, from the miles driven, mark the 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 mark.

At some point you’ll probably need to drop the tank for some reason or another, and then you can investigate what exactly is wrong with the sender unit.

All for want of a 15 cent zip tie. Sounds like you’re gonna have to pull the tank.

I have a 2009 G6 with just the opposite problem. When the gauge goes down to 1/4 it’s empty. We’ve learned to live with it for now as long as it’s consistent, and it seems to be. We fill it when it reads 1/2.

The gas gauge in my 2000 Blazer stopped working at the ~8 year mark. Evidently the sulfer in the corrodes the electrical contacts in the sending unit. This was also a problem with Pontiacs of that error. You can try a bottle of Chevron Techron to clean the contacts.

Ed B.