08 mini mileage

I have an '08 Mini, 70,000 mi. How Long do these things last? We run our full size delivery pick ups 200,000. My 4Runner has 230,000. Can I expect the mini to go 200,000 with out major engine problems?

The MIni is probably the least suited vehicle for this service from a life expectancy and durability point of view. It is basically an unreliable BMW with BMW priced maintenance and repair parts.

Expect major maintenance and repair expenses to start at 100,00 miles or so, culminating in repairs that exceed the car`s value by 200,000 latest.

Engine problems are just part of the story; everything on the mini last less time than on a Toyota or similar Japanese machine. I would sell the Mini and buy a good used 2 wheel drive vehicle. A Ford Ranger, if you can find one will last much longer and be much cheaper to repair.

Probably not, but if you maintain it properly, there is a much better chance.

@WATCHDOG I wouldn’t expect your clutch to make it to 200K

Maybe not even to 100K

Not from what I hear

Minis are not known for longevity or low cost of ownership. But let me ask you this; were those the criteria you were using when you chose the mini? Assuming they were not, than simply maintain the Mini as best you can and when it begins to become too costly or unreliable for you trade it in.