08 HHR freeze frame data help

I’m still not clear on whether the engine turns over when you try to start it. You said the starter “didn’t engage”. So you turn the key and what happens exactly? Does it sound like it normally does right before it starts with the engine turning over? Or is it totally a different sound?

I may be telling you stuff you already know, so forgive me if I am. If the battery is dead or the connections are bad, you’ll get no sound or either a bunch of rapid clicks. Or the battery may have enough power to turn the engine over a few times very slowly but not start the engine.

I’m thinking you may just have a bad battery from what you’re describing so far.

Remove the spark plugs and then see if the engine cranks.


It was just started. The freeze frame data was taken when a fault occurred after it ran for 5 seconds. The car did not start sometime after the fault.

I’m not very good at “car talk”. It does make sound when I try to crank it, but not the normal sound. As far as the starter not engaging it’s like it tries but the flywheel isn’t catching or whatever. Idk as I said I’ve got a video of what’s going on. Thankfully my ex is on the way to check her out, he was lead mechanic at the Mercedes’ and bmw import lot for years. He just pulled up actually so hopefully we’ll figure something out. Fingers crossed!!!

When I first came out to the car about 40 minutes ago I tried to crank it and it allllllmost did! So I’ve not lost all faith yet🤣

May be the starter not engaging. Would sound like a grinding/whirring/buzzing rather than the normal engine turning over sound. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted out. Good luck, let us know.

easiest way to upload video is to upload it to YouTube then put the link to the video here. Good luck!

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Cranking is that rrr rrr rrr sound when the key is in start. I presume you aren’t hearing that sound. That’s called a “fails to crank” problem. There’s a dozen possible causes, most of which have nothing to do with the parameters you first posted. Those are only relevant when the engine has been started and is running. What you need is a good diagnosis. If you know how to use a digital volt meter, the first test I do in that situation is to measure the voltage on the starter “s” terminal when the key is in the start position. It should be 10.5 volts or higher.

If you are hearing any weird noises with the key in “start”, good idea to have the car towed to a shop instead. That could be a sign the engine is locked up. Could be hydro-locked, camshaft jammed etc. Trying to crank it in that condition could cause expensive damage.

This person said yesterday they had a real mechanic coming to look at this vehicle . So until she returns there is not much to guess about.