08 HHR freeze frame data help

Fuel Sys 1 - OL
Fuel Sys 2 - N/A
Calc Load - 54.9%
ECT - 79 degrees F
STFT B1 - 0.0%
LTFT B1 - 5.5%
MAP - 14 inHg
Eng RPM - 1121
Veh Speed - 0mph
Spark Adv - -2.0
IAT - 75 degrees F
MAF - 1.15 (lb/min) hours, minutes
TPS - 30.6%
Run Time - 4 seconds
Command EVAP - 0.0%
Fuel level - 16.7%
Warmup DTC Clr - 255
Clr Rist - 10132 miles
EVAP_VP - 0.0 InH2O
BARO - 28 inHg
CAT Te 11 - 108 degrees F
ECU volts- 14.30 volts
Load value - 35.7%
EQ ratio - 0.77
Rel TPS - 16.9%
Ambient - 75 degrees F
TPS B - 29.8%
ACC pedal D - 19.2%
ACC pedal E - 9.4%
Command TAC - 25.1%

The first thing that jumps out at me is the very high idle speed. If this didn’t take place immediately after a “cold” start, then there is definitely a problem. If the engine idles that fast when it is warmed-up, the first things that I would check are the Idle Air Control mechanism and the condition of the vacuum lines.

OP must have just started the engine,


Is there a driveability issue you’re trying to resolve?

That’s the only thing I notice that might be off-kilter. I presume the car was recently started and idling in the driveway, with nobody pressing on the throttle. If so, the accelerator pedal , throttle position sensor, and throttle actuator control “TAC” don’t seem to be matching up. However, maybe they aren’t supposed to match up, and that’s entirely normal. Beyond that, I doubt the fuel trim is an issue, don’t know about the evap system readings. Normally the evap system wouldn’t kick into gear until an off-idle condition and the coolant was warmed up, neither of which appears to apply here.

As posted above, what sort of problem are you trying to solve?

I had parked the car almost 24 hours, it was fine when I parked it. Got in it the next night to run somewhere and it wouldn’t start. I hooked the computer up to it the following day. I have a video of what it was doing and whatnot the night of, but it won’t let me upload it here.

It won’t start.:woman_shrugging:t2:

Grrrrr I wish it would let me upload the video so you all could see and hear what it’d do when I tried to start it and leave but it only gives me the option to choose photos not video.

Along with the freeze frame data, here is the code it’s throwing. I wanted to hold off on it so it didn’t hinder what was said about the freeze frame data.

Now keep in mind the last time I drove it (which was less than a week ago, I got gas, ran to another store, was gone maybe 20 minutes) and when I parked it, it was all normal nothing out of the ordinary. Fast forward to the next night when I got in it to leave, wouldn’t crank. All lights and everything was on fine. It was weird though when I’d turn the key over it was light everything sort of lagged. I’d have the key back to the off position and you’d still hear it trying to start and the lights be flashing on.

And if anyone can private message me an email or something I’d really like to send the video to someone or a couple of people, cause I need help on this drastically.

If it won’t crank, usually means battery has enough power left to illuminate the dash lights but not enough to power the starter motor.
But, how does it show 1121 RPM on a car that can not be started? Did you have the battery recharged?

No all I did was park it, fast forward about 30 hours, got in tried to leave got what I got with it not starting etc didn’t touch it again until the next day when I hooked the computer up. And I never tried to start it then just hooked the device ip under the dash and flipped the key to on for it to pick up the car data. That’s it and it hasn’t been touched since.

Very strange, non-running car showing 1121 RPM, but maybe results are stored from last time it was running.
Other responders, please enlighten me.

To TaDluv0713
Can you turn the engine by using a breaker bar? If not, possibly your timing belt broke, now the engine is locked up.
And/Or pull your spark plugs, highly unlikely, but engine could be hydro locked.
If you can turn it by hand, pull your battery, have it charged and tested.

Do you mean the engine doesn’t turn over?


Suuuuuure. The starter tried but didn’t engage, and I was unable to do anything more than get pissed and get even more pissed lol


Was the check engine light on when the car was still running?

No the first time I seen it on (in the entire 8 months I’ve had the vehicle) is when I got in it to leave and it wouldn’t crank.


Well the freeze frame data was stored at the time that the fault code P0016 was set or pending.

The freeze frame data isn’t really helpful because it shows a cold engine running in open loop (not in active fuel control yet) and sensor data all looks OK. Unless you have a scan tool that can display far more data in real time you’re going to have to do some hands on testing under the hood.

Your fault code combined with a no-start indicates possible timing chain issues. Do you know how to do a compression test? Without being able to see/hear what the engine is doing that’s all I got.

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But could the timing chain literally just break while sitting and off? Because before I parked it, there was no sounds nothing happened out of the ordinary it wasn’t running bad it didn’t stall on me, there was no metal on metal or clanking sounds.

I have no clue about anything under that hood other than location of fuses and relays, how to check all the fluids, and how to check for loose wiring/connections. But ima go out here and pop it bring up some videos and see what I can figure out🤷🏻‍♀️