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08 Cobalt Lt

Hi folks, have two vehicles that dexcool at rhe house. An 08 cobalt with the 2.4 ecotec with almost 400,000 km on it and a 06 torrent with the 3.4 v6 with 280,000 on it. Never changed the coolant in either, and i would like to make the switch to the standard green stuff. It has been said that switching from dexcool to the green stuff will hurt my motors. Is this true? Would rather not kill either of them because both of them are daily drivers. Both highway miles. Thanks alot guys!

You don’t make the switch to the green stuff when replacing DeathCool these days.

But instead, have cooling system flushed so all the coolant is replaced with one of the universal/global coolants/antifreezes.


Perfect. Good to know. Thank you.