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'08 Civic with flat spots on tires (rear)

Car purchased new from a dealer in '08. It’s an EX 4 door sedan. Tires-GOODYEAR Eagle RS/A, P205/55R16.
At around 20-25k I noticed the rear tires were riding rough as if they were in need of balancing. When I took it to the dealer, they discovered one of the tires had a flat spot on it. They replaced the tire, as it was still under warranty. I purchased another tire so that I would have a matching pair of new tires. Now with about 52k, I am experiencing the same rough ride as before with the rear tires. And it appears that the worse one is on the same side that original ‘flat spot’ tire was found.
At the first service for this problem a service rep. had mentioned that an earlier model ('07) had an issue with a control arm, and that may be the problem with the '08 as well. Never heard anything else about it.

I don’t want to purchase new tires and have the same issue in 20k if the problem is mechanical and not tire related. Does anyone have any info about this problem?

Sounds like the tires are cupping do to alignment problem. Possibly to much negative camber in the back.

Flat spots usually occur on tires when the struts/shocks become defective.

When struts/shocks become defective where they no longer dampen the spring oscillations, the tires can begin to bounce up and down as the vehicle is driven. As the tires bounce, each time the tires contact the road it removes rubber from the tire where it wears a flat spot or a cup.

I know your vehicle is an 08. But it’s not entirely impossible to get a defective set of rear struts/shocks on a new vehicle.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll be sure to mention these things when I take it in next week.

Have you been rotating your tires according to the schedule that should be in your owner’s manual? If not, that can make flat spots on the outer edge of rear tires.

Yes. Also I’ve done some research on the issue. What I have found is that many '08 Civic owners have the same complaint. The '07 had a service bulletin for a similar problem. So it has been brought to Honda’s attention, although they have yet to do anything.
Not sure how to handle this situation at the service dept. Because buying new tires would only be a temporary fix if the problem is mechanical.